Drinker Systems

The poultry drinker system is available for all types of poultry production. The broiler nipple with cup system has been proven to improve litter quality and bird weights. The latest 360 degree Top Nipple is the most popular broiler nipple in the world and can be used to replace most other systems.

Suspension brackets have been designed to attach Aqua-2 delivery pipe, with nipples and cups fitted, to nearly every other suspension rail available to give the farmer the latest equipment at minimum cost.


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Aqua 2 - Poultry Dirty water detection sensor LUBING - Floor-watering system for Broilers
Aqua 2 Hato Codaf Collinson SKOV Lubing Dosatron SKA SKOV Spiraflex Van Gent MultiHeat LSL Co VEIT Electronics Reventa Sunbird

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